I  have led groups using exclusively Dehoney Travel for 37 years. Their agency is dependable and trustworthy, and their staff has always given me excellent and professional service. I am proud to say that I have never had to come home and apologize to anyone.

Dehoney Travel always does everything they say and much more. Through the years, various unplanned challenges have arisen during my travels, and each time the Dehoney staff has resolved the issue within minutes. For example, their Air Department performed outstandingly during Hurricane Ike by calling my group when I couldn’t, and instructing them to go to the airport. On that same trip, I arrived in Vienna and had no escort or itinerary in hand due internet problems from the weather, but the Dehoney Travel Operations Department came through for me within minutes with the exact information I needed! Also, while in Brazil, their staff was able revise a couple’s itinerary within minutes with no phone service.

Dehoney Travel is not just a travel agency to us… they are family.

Pastor Cliff Mayton, Spring, TX

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