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The History and Expertise of Dehoney Travel

Dehoney Travel began in 1967 with a desire to create Holy Land travel seminars which combined expert teaching professors, specially trained guides, and the finest quality tour arrangements. Its birth, originally as “BibleLand Travel,” was the fulfillment of the dream of our founders, Dr. Wayne and Lealice Dehoney, to offer the very best educational and spiritual journey to pilgrims wishing to travel to the land of their faith. Many consider our company to be one of the true pioneers in faith-based travel.

As our reputation as a leader and innovator in the Christian group travel field grew, it did not take long for former group leaders and members to request programs to other Biblical areas like Greece, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Jordan and the entire Mediterranean. Uniquely Christian and cultural events like the Oberammergau Passion Play and Baptist World Congresses further increased our global reach. Using the name “Heritage Travel,” we began to cover virtually every corner of the world.

At the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s, we once more demonstrated our creative vision by developing innovative programs to China and to the former Soviet Union. In partnership with the national office of the Women’s Missionary Union, we offered the Tour of Lottie Moon’s China, which not only included the standard highlights of China travel, but also traced the missionary heritage of Baptist missionaries like Lottie Moon. We also developed a second China program called the China Experience, which included church visits along with the cultural highlights of China. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, we were among the first to take groups in to visit and minister with the Christian community in Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, and other former republics and to simultaneously enjoy the incredible history and creative treasures of Moscow and St Petersburg.

Lealice Dehoney, RomeIn 1996, we moved from the dual trade names of Bibleland Travel and Heritage Travel to consolidate all of our operations under the name of Dehoney Travel. This decision was made in order to simplify identification issues with both our clients and our suppliers. Under this banner, we have continued to expand our geographical areas of expertise, and have found success in a diversity of markets. These new markets include Senior adult groups looking for a fun cruise to Alaska or a Fall Foliage experience in New England. Dozens of academic institutions across the country utilize our services to operate cultural journeys for their alumni and study abroad programs for their students. As interest in short-term volunteer missions has continued to increase in recent years, we have facilitated travel arrangements for hundreds of churches, state conventions, as well as parachurch and non-profit organizations. International organizations like the Baptist World Alliance have asked Dehoney Travel to be an official operator for their Congress meetings, Youth conferences, and General Council Meetings.

We are now in our 50th year of operation business, and we are constantly looking for new innovative ways to meet the interests and needs of our clients. While the core of our business remains as a tour operator, we offer a full service leisure department. Our leisure agents can help you plan your next cruise, honeymoon, Disney, or package tour. Our share of special interest, missions and academic business continues to expand as word spreads about the services and competitive prices we offer our clients. Think of us as your global tour operator, vacations, and missions company who has successfully weathered the vast changes in the travel industry providing for you the best possible travel experiences.