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Global Phone Program

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   Travel Smart and Save up to 85% on Calling while Abroad

Low Cost Internet, Calling & Texting
Wireless Traveler keeps you connected with Pocket Wi-Fi hotspots, SIM cards, rental phones and Wi-Fi
Calling Apps. Call home as low as 2¢/minute from anywhere in the world. High speed hotspot keeps
everyone safely connected at low cost. To rent or buy contact Wireless Traveler today at 631-421-1544.
As a valued Ensemble Travel / Dehoney Travel customer,  you can purchase a global phone to use while traveling in over 200 countries.

Special discounted savings are available for Dehoney Travel passengers…
when shopping at www.wirelesstraveler.com

For 20% discount, enter promo code: DEHONEY20 at checkout. 

Wireless Traveler WiFi App


  • Crystal Clear WiFi Calls
  • Call landlines and cellphones
  • Calls as low as 2 ¢/minute
  • Works in over 200 countries
  • Free App to App
  • Make international and local calls

• No contracts, no monthly fees
• Low cost data, calls & texts
• Use again for all your trips
• Share Wi-Fi with 5 peoplee up to 85% on calls while abroad

  • Service coverage in 200 countries
  • U.S. & U.K. Telephone Number
  • Free incoming calls* in over 60 countries including Italy, UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Kenya, Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Vietnam & Costa Rica
  • Receive text messages Free worldwide
  • Send text messages for as low as $0.38 per message in Europe & $0.65 elsewhere
  • Buy just a Global SIM card for $34.95 if you have an unlocked GSM phone
  • Concierge Customer Service


The phone you own for all your trips abroad.